Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Amazing Year- February

February- Grand Canyon/Helicopter Tour
It was pretty chilly but completely awesome!!!
I have wanted to go to the Grand Canyon for some time. I just feel like it is one of those historic, American things that everyone should do. Adding insult to injury, one of my Chinese friends got to go several years ago and she was shocked that I had not seen one of the most famous things in America but she had. So in February, my dad just happened to have some type of meeting/conference in Phoenix and we were able to fly out the weekend before and see the Grand Canyon. We flew into Phoenix on a Friday afternoon, rented a car, and drove for a few hours to Sedona, Arizona. Saturday morning we woke and drove for about two more hours to Grand Canyon National Park. It was a lot of driving, especially after flying for about four hours, but it certainly is one of the more scenic drives I have ever experienced. 

Although I wanted to go and had heard how massive and beautiful it is, my expectations were still along the lines of, "Oh ok so it's a big hole." I think it is one of those things you really have to see and experience to understand what is so great and magnificent about it. "A big hole" does not even begin to describe it. It is incredible!! It is one of those things you could stare at for hours and never get tired of looking at it. 


Unfortunately, it was pretty chilly (there was snow in shady areas) and we didn't have time to hike down into the canyon, so although it is on my bucket list, I am only partially checking it off. I would love to go back and explore some more. 

Helicopter tour with Mom and Dad
However, I was able to completely check off one thing, riding in a helicopter! Before making the drive back to Phoenix from Sedona we did a little site seeing in Sedona... via helicopter! Again, I have always wanted to ride in a helicopter ever since my brother and I watched the A-team and Operation Dumbo Drop (the helicopter scene at the beginning is awesome!) when we were little (or maybe whenever they are on tv) which is funny considering our pilot was a former combat pilot. 

If you are ever in Sedona and have the opportunity go on a helicopter tour. Although my mom says it pushed her to her limit of adventure, I think all three of us would recommend it and agree that it is a great way to quickly see a lot of scenery as well as giving you a much different perspective of it all. 

The only other way to get the "bird's eye view" is to do like these folks and climb up on top of a pile of rocks. But if you are like me, that is more than a little out of your comfort zone. 

"Co-pilot" Haney at your service
Although it was a quick trip with a good bit of flying and driving time, it was well worth it. I really look forward to going back and taking my brother. I think he would really enjoy both the Grand Canyon and the helicopter ride.

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