My Awesome Year

This year has been completely awesome and I have been able to check a lot of things off of my bucket list. I even joked with a friend that I was a little worried my parents were with holding important medical information because it has just been one incredible experience after another. I've added this page to summarize what I've done so far this year and to link to the blog post I've written about it.

Jan- SCUBA diving in Bonaire


      Feb- Grand Canyon and Helicopter Tour

March- Driving Indy Cars at CMS

April- Swam with Sharks, Dive in the tank at Epcot. 

May- Graduated from Wofford and was in Taco Bell while it was being robbed. 

June- Qualified and applied for my CWP 

July- 5th trip to China, taught English at Chinese summer camp

 Aug- Got to go to the final round of the PGA Championship at Kiawah and found out that I got the internship in DC

      Sept- Moved to DC

                                       Oct- Coming Soon!!!

Christian Music

 Nov- The Story Tour

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  1. Ok I think I missed some of these stories!! I know I missed the story about being in Taco Bell while it was being robbed!!