Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Painted Toms

This past weekend we had a bridal shower at our house for my cousin Danielle who is getting married in May! We were so excited to be able to love and support her and walk with her on this new and exciting journey. 

I am a gift giver. I love to give thoughtful gifts that I know the person will love and appreciate. I am also a lover of Toms, especially painted Toms. Recently at the Justice Conference, Toms had a booth where they were not only selling Toms, but had professional Toms artists there to paint whatever you wanted to on them. Of course I could not resist and had this pair painted. 

hand painted Toms
A Toms artist finishing up my Toms

Custom Toms
My Toms
Customized Toms
Side view of my Toms
A little birdie told me that my cousin Danielle needed a new pair of Toms and, being the artist in the family, I knew she would love some of the designs I had seen on Pinterest and Etsy so I decided to try to find the artist in me.  

Her Toms are done in her wedding colors, grey and yellow, have her new monogram on the sides, and her wedding date on the back. 

Custom Toms
Date on the back
It was a lot of work and I am not nearly as fast as the professionals at Toms but I think they turned out great and everyone loved them, especially Danielle. 


I have had some people ask me about them so if you are interested in a pair of your own or for the bride in your family check out my Etsy shop

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