Monday, January 14, 2013

Last day in DC

Well it has certainly been awhile. I have moved home from DC back to SC and am currently looking for a job. However, I have a few more DC posts that I never finished so I think I will finish them as well as posting any new adventures. 

My mom and dad came to DC to move me out of my apartment a little over a week before Christmas. That Saturday, after we packed everything up, we had a few last DC adventures. 

US Capitol at Christmas

One that we really enjoyed was the National Botanic Garden's Christmas decorations. They have models of each of the National Mall monuments made out of natural materials such as tree bark and leaves. It is absolutely incredible that they were able to do all of that. 
US Capitol Replica
US Capitol Building
Check out the details! It even had windows!
Freedom Statue
Even has Lady Freedom on top.

US Capitol Replica

US Capitol Replica
Just to give you an idea of how large this replica is. It was massive. 
Supreme Court Building with the Capitol in the background.

Library of Congress

Botanic Garden
US Botanic Garden

Washington Monument Replica
Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial replica
Lincoln Memorial 
National Mall
Lincoln Memorial with Washington Monument in the background. Although I was slightly disappointed that Lincoln is backwards, but I do understand they were trying to make it easier for people to see. 

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson Memorial. I like how they left the stem of the gourd.

Smithsonian Castle model
The Smithsonian Castle

White House Model
The White House

They also had an extensive model train exhibit. All of the buildings and creatures were also made out of natural materials. 

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the dragon on top of the pagoda, its wings were made out of giant maple leaves. 

US Botanic Garden
The train zipping past. 

Then we ran through (quite literally I am afraid) the National Gallery of Art. I was able to show mom and dad the highlights and things I thought they would like. 
Fountain with Christmas decorations at the National Gallery of Art
After that we grabbed a quick lunch in the cafe in Sculpture Garden and watched the ice skaters as we quickly ate are lunch. (BTW it was quite tasty and not a bad place to stop and grab a quick bite if you are on the Mall for the day!)
Ice Skating rink in the Sculpture Garden in front of the National Archives.

Then we headed for the Museum of American History and saw some of its highlights like Abraham Lincoln's hat and suit in their new Emancipation Proclamation exhibit, the First Ladies Dresses, Julia Childs Kitchen, Kermit the Frog, and Abraham Lincoln's Rifle. 

Julia Child
Julia Child's Kitchen
Julia Child
Me inside Julia Child's Kitchen

Top Hat
Abraham Lincoln's Top Hat

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln's Suit

2nd Amendment
Abraham Lincoln's Rifle

After all this fun we met some friends of our who just happened to be passing through DC for dinner in Arlington at one of our favorite places, the Cheesecake Factory! 

Another busy day in the capitol but I thought it was a good way to say good bye! DC will always be one of my favorite places to visit. 

In closing, I wanted to share my last visit to the Rotunda for a while. I went by for one last visit as I left work that Friday. I had the place to myself for about 5 minutes. Maybe I teared up. I started to lie down in the floor and just look at it for a while but I thought that would be awkward if someone came through. I will really miss seeing this. 

Apotheosis of Washington
My last visit to the Rotunda

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